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5 best practices while planning your wedding

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

1. First look.

First look requires detailed planning and allotted time to actually execute, as you cannot just say "oh after I get ready we'll just meet up before the ceremony." This will not give you the best results cinematically. Your nerves will be all over the place and you will also feel rushed. To avoid all that, having a scheduled time for the first look will bring you peace of mind that cannot be bought.

2. Curated vows

Specially crafted vows will make any wedding day even more spectacular and memorable,and we usually encourage it. If it's a case where you do not have any, then we can assist in the process by asking probing questions we could get your story line from, which will make your videos even more special.

3. Assigned planners

Having a planner is definitely encouraged. If you do not have one, then you just need a bridesmaid or your maid of honor to assist you with appointing persons to specific tasks. Tasks such as gathering all family members for the photoshoot, things like these will assist with the photo shoot segment running smoother and your guests won't have to feel as if they are waiting too long as they are usually hungry by this time and may be low on energy.

4. Having a back up plan for outdoor weddings.

If your wedding is set to be an outdoor function, ensure you speak with your venue host to have a back up set in place should in case it rains unexpectedly. It would be very difficult for your media team to shoot in the rain and also for you to stand there in your white gown and have mud and grass sticking to you, more over just you being soaked; Unless you and your partner are fun and kinky, that is the only way you'd enjoy that, most likely your guests wouldn't though.

5. Venue scouting

When venue scouting and you've decided on a particular one, take photos and videos of this place to send to your media team or even ask them if they can accompany you just so they can make a plan as to how they will set up their equipment. That way, when the day arrives, they know exactly what to take. If they need an extra table, chair, extension, extra lighting, share views on how they will get the best angle of you and your fiancee'. Everyone will be properly prepared that way.

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